Monday, June 26, 2006

Thailand Day 19

Fondue Bourguignonne at Restaurant Swiss Food

In Soi Diamond, a cross street to the famous walking street in Pattaya, there's at least one more other swiss restaurant besides Swiss Food. I got introduced to this place by my good friend and real estate agent, Tommi.

This time I brought my friends Andrew and Muchi and we ordered a fondue bourguignonne.

Unlike the cheese fondue, you don't dip bread into cheese, instead you'll cook beef in the boiling oil and then dip it into your favorite sauce. There's a selection of different sauces arranged on your plate around the raw bite-sized beef pieces.

The fondue at Restaurant Swiss Food tastes great! I can't remember I had such a good one before in Switzerland. It's served together with a bowl of french fries, which are very good as well.

We've ordered Tommi's favorite bottle of red wine here, the Puglia Primitivo from italy.

Restaurant Swiss Food
175/29 Soi Diamond


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